Position yourself on Google with Digital Tech Doctors

Why trust our SEO agency?

  • We are an SEO agency that focuses on you, the customer.
  • Everything we do is focused on satisfying our customers’ needs so that their investment reflects the value they can obtain from their positioning in Google.
  • We are one of the fastest growing online marketing agencies in US and the world, and the only web positioning agency in US to offer SEO by results.

Digital Tech Doctors provides 100% natural SEO services (no black hat SEO) where you only pay for results.

We are a unique SEO agency because:

We focus on the numbers that make your SEO strategy of results – visibility, visits, queries and sales for your company or for you as a professional. This eliminates doubts that may exist in the decision to work with an SEO consultant.

Our contracts are from six months renewable. You do not take risks: if we do not position you, you will not pay anything.

Web positioning company: Our commitment!

  • We are committed to your business strategy first, before talking about your website or SEO.
  • We are obsessed with the results – so they are the only thing for which we charge. We only invoice when the selected search terms have reached the agreed position in Google.
  • Before hiring our service, we tell you exactly how much you have to invest, and what the expected return on your investment will be. We only work with 100% natural strategies in line with Google guidelines.
  • Everything we do, day by day, is to get – and maintain – our clients’ sites at the top of Google
  • Competitive analysis is the basis of how we approach your SEO strategy, so you can be sure that you will outperform your competitors with us.


We have a track record in achieving the top 5 positions for the key phrases that receive the most searches in a given market.