Paid Marketing is a fast and effective way to get results in digital media. A SEM positioning campaign in Google Adwords, Facebook or LinkedIn, well managed by our agency, will provide you with great profitability, with verifiable results.

Why carry out a SEM positioning campaign in Google Adwords?

  • Profitability and Efficiency
  • Rapidity in Results:Quickly attract qualified traffic to your website, achieving immediate results.
  • Positioning with great visibility: Appear in top positions in Google, in web portals related to your product, in videos, etc.
  • Be found by the keywordsthat your customers use.
  • Focus: to your target audience, geographical scope, language, day and time of the week.
  • Remarketing: Capture again those users who have already visited the website and bring them back to convert. One of the new strategies that provide great results.
  • Various  Advertising Channels: Searches, Display Zone, Video, YouTube
  • According to  devices: PC, tablets, mobile
  • Ideal complement for your SEO:attract traffic to your website for terms not positioned in SEO or know those with better performance and readjust SEO.
  • Promotion of a New Product or Service: where speed is a determining factor or you want to perform an initial test of market prospecting.

How do you get results in Google Adwords?

·         DEFINING OBJECTIVES: to determine the best type of campaign to be configured

What are your goals and priorities?

  • Attract quality visits to the web
  • Get conversions: Fill out a form, buy a product in an online store
  • Get a phone call
  • Promotion of a local business
  • Branding or Brand Notoriety

Depending on them, we can advise you, in the best solution, an investment budget recommendation and even study a forecast of results. We can suggest different options:

  • Campaign only in the Search area
  • Display campaign
  • Remarketing
  • Conversion Code
  • Call extensions
  • Campaign for mobile
  • Call-to-site extensions
  • Image Ads, Banner, Dynamic Banner
  • Ads product sheet
  • Adwords for video


This will allow us to configure the initial configuration in the most effective way so that you obtain results

·         INITIAL SET UP: A correct initial configuration greatly affects the results

A badly structured campaign set up in the initial stage can cause you great losses of money, month after month and not get the expected return. This usually happens when it is set up by personnel who do not have the necessary experience, resources and knowledge. According to the defined objectives, in the initial configuration we can highlight, among others:

  • Study and analysis of the best keywords that can provide better performance.
  • Distribution of words in various ad groups for greater efficiency
  • Create multiple ads in each ad group
  • Geographic configuration, language, time, daily etc …
  • Configuration of extensions, telephone, local, links to site etc …
  • Contextual configuration, portals associated with Google etc …
  • Design and creation of Image ads, Banner type or Dynamic banner for display (if necessary)
  • Design and creation of Landings or specific landing pages if necessary
  • Specific campaigns for mobile devices
  • Synchronization with Google Analytics
  • Creation and inclusion of Conversion Codes
  • Remarketing settings

OPTIMIZATION: Improve results month by month

By correctly monitoring and optimizing the campaign, we will make each month that we advance more profitable. Each month we will monitor the statistics and analytics of the campaign, reacting based on the results and prioritizing what contributes better results, with this we will improve important ratios such as the CTR and Quality Score among other aspects which leads to better CPC (Costs per click), higher positions of our ads and therefore better returns without increasing the budget.

RESULTS: Checkable

We will present reports of the results obtained. You will see how month after month we improve the campaign. As the campaign progresses, we will optimize it month by month, increase the quality factor, reduce the cost of clicks, get better positions, incorporate advanced resources, and we will show you everything and you can check and follow it.



Our Online Marketing Agency is certified by Google to manage campaigns in Google Adwords. Our certified consultants have the experience, knowledge and resources necessary to ensure that your campaign brings you high economic performance.

Our goal is that you pay the minimum for each click, so you optimize your investment in your SEM campaigns. Thanks to our experience we are able to adjust the bids in the most efficient way getting you better results with a lower investment.

We also manage comprehensive advertising campaigns through social networks, along with contests, offers, promotions etc.